Biphasic Sleeping

Friday, December 08, 2006


Okay. I suck at making lists and sticking to them!

Here is what got done last night when I woke up from my nap:

Keira was awake (she didn't take a nap yesterday, so she went to bed early), so that was good-I spent some time with her. Then I laid on the couch until I went back to bed. I DID sleep according to the 90 cycle, though: 3 hour nap, 4 1/2 hour sleep. I just didn't accomplish anything, and I'm pretty sure that the only thing that will get done on that list this morning is ironing my scrubs, unless I can figure out how to get out of that...
Maybe I should make my list shorter-like one or two things. The fact that I blogged it just made me feel guilty! Here is a conversation from my head last night:

why am I awake? I don't need to do anything.
oh-there is a list.
I don't want to do anything from the list, though.
I have to pee. I don't even want to pee. I just want to go back to bed.
Maybe if I pee, I'll have the energy to do something else from the list.
nope. I'm going back to bed!

I did have good/weird dreams, though. I don't know all the details, but Josh and I were chasing after someone who stole a model train or something (anyone see CSI last night??). We were being very covert, but then my parents and grandparents showed up to "help"-as if that would be good for anyone. Other details that stick out-I dyed our white dog (or maybe it was a cat) pink because I thought it would be cool. It was, until we petted it-then the white from underneath stuck out. Apparently, I didn't do a very good dye job. Maybe it was because I was so tired...


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