Biphasic Sleeping

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I need to get back in focus

Hi have been a bit all over the place recently, both with my sleeping and mentally, I'm pretty sure it's connected to.

I've had a lot going on personally, my uncle died a week ago, my friend would have been 30 on Friday, but she died earlier this year, which made me realise I hadn't entirely dealt with her death, work has been busy and I'm just exhausted. You know when you are so tired that your words don't come out in the right order when you speak.

This makes sleeping on a routine hard, once I'm in bed, I don't want to get back up again. I am trying really hard to only sleep on 90 cycles, and to biphasically sleep, but I just can't get up.

I napped tonight - from 6.50-8.40 but I felt like I could have slept through until morning.

I planned to nap last night, but we were painting the lounge room an it took us sooooo much longer than intended.

I need to check my diary (how pretentious does that sound?) but I'm going to try really hard to nap every night that I'm home this week, and really get my routine established again.


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