Biphasic Sleeping

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I've been pretty bad at sleeping bi-phasically of late, I'm finding it really hard to discipline myelf. I have been pretty good at sleeping on the 6 or 7.5 blocks though, I really notice the difference to my morning moods.

I did have a weird dream last night, I only remember sketchy details of it though. I dreamt of the wedding, and I was walking down the aisle, but the aisle was coil shaped, and I was walking around and around my guests. And it wasn't dad giving me away, it was Ellen I think, or mum, I don't know. Then I said that I'd had enough and was going to have a whole different wedding. It was weird.

I have difficulty remembering my dreams, they are often really sketching.

I'm napping tonight, I'll see if it makes a difference to my dreams. Interesting.

Del, I can add you as a contibutor to this blog if you want, just let me know.


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