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Monday, October 30, 2006

London Sleeper

I've just started biphasically sleeping (is that a word?) and have been quite suprised at how little information I've found on the net about it. There is plenty of information available on polyphasic sleeping, but that just seems to impractical.

So, I thought Mari and I could record our sleeping patterns, we can compare each others, and if others are looking for examples, our records might be useful.

I started biphasic sleeping about 5 days ago, basically I was fed up with never feeling like I got enough sleep, it seemed that no matter how many hours I slept for, I always hated getting up, felt really lethargic for ages and quite honestly was a bit of a morning bitch.

So far so good, I'm feeling refreshed, wake up alert and happy (my fiance loves this benefit) and really enjoying having time to be productive. A brilliant effect has also been that I'm less hungry. Mari do you find that too?

The principles are not that far fetched when you think of the Spanish and their siesta's. They siesta during the day, then socialise into the evenings, and are still able to start work at 9am like everyone else. We are very conditioned to having 8 hours sleep every night, but it just doesn't seem needed.

The basic principles of biphasic sleeping is to take a 90 minute nap, get straight up and then sleep for a 2nd phase for a period of either 3, 4.5 or 6 hrs. The point is, it must be in 9o minute blocks.


  • I find that I am starving when I get up from my first nap. Stomach growling hungry sometimes. I didn't eat anything yesterday in between naps-just to test it out I guess. I had that kind of hunger that feels like heart burn when I got back into bed.
    But then I'm not as hungry when I get up from my second phase of sleeping (as long as I eat the first time).
    Wonder why that is?

    By Blogger Mari, at Tuesday, October 31, 2006  

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